Varity: French and Baladi.
Color: Violet color over green leaves.

Season: From January till 1st April.

30 pieces 6cm…8cm about 250 gram
24 pieces 8 cm …9 cm about 300 gram
20 pieces 9 cm…11cm about 350 gram.

The diameter for Artichokes is minimum of 7, 5 cm and maximum of 9 cm. The packing must be homogeneous by caliber: the difference in caliber must not exceed 1 cm. in the same Packing.

Whole, wholesome, clean, with a fresh look, compact. Free from parasites or ice Damage, free from abnormal humidity, without strange smell or taste, without Damages from cleanness. There must be no sun burnings, no bruises and spots, no Damages on the whole surfaces.

Packing: 7 KG plastic boxes. The quality of the plastic boxes must assure that the product will be not damaged. The plastic boxes must be new and cleaned according to the European phytosanitary rules

Shipping: By air-freight early harvest and by sea-freight 40 ft container takes 14 MT.

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